Halal meat by the Agrocapital Ukraine. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. The delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad is provided. 

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Animal meat is a valuable source of protein so important for normal functioning of a human body. Children need it because of the intensive growth of their bone system and muscles, brain cells and nervous endings, animal protein is also required at midlife for maintenance of the integrity of all internals and in old age it is necessary to strengthen immunity and it also allows to have a full-fledged and healthy life as long as possible.

As a rule, it is accepted to eat meat of the livestock slaughtered on an abattoir. We can't imagine the farming without cows, pigs, rabbits and poultry. Meat can have higher or lower fat content by its nutrient density, however, the food value of this product is beyond all doubt. Not all have an opportunity to buy meat directly from the producer without any mediators, often it is necessary to take an unfamiliar middlemen's word risking your relatives' health.

The Agrocapital Ukraine supplies our country market with the high-class meat and offal not for the first year. The production passing through our company is certified, producers we cooperated with value their reputation, keeping terms and cattle slaughter conditions are being regularly and carefully checked. Moreover, the Agrocapital Ukraine realizes production passed the "Halal" certification; that is the inhabitants of the Arab-Muslim countries also have an opportunity to employ our company services.

Much of you often ask a question where can you possibly buy qualitative meat at the adequate price? LLC Agrocapital Ukraine knows the answer as it is the leader in delivery of halal animal meat not only in Ukraine but also far outside the country for many years.

Are you interested in the wide range of a product? We offer for you both pork, beef, rabbit and various fowl; it is enough to study our price list and choose what you need. In the Agrocapital Ukraine prices of animal meat also pleasantly surprises: thanks to loyal price policy our clients have a constant opportunity to take enough amount of any kind of meat for preparations, business and personal consumption.

We sell everything: from pork and beef corpses to chicken liver and turkey stomachs. Animal meat from LLC Agrocapital Ukraine by wholesale and retail is an optimal solution of the problem of qualitative and rational nutrition irrespective of economic circumstances.

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