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Feed additives are special substances added to the feed or water to ensure complete fulfillment of animals or birds needs in nutrients. Despite of the fact that modern feed has strictly specific recipes with a high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals, there are situations when it is necessary the dosing of feed additives.

Properly balanced food with feed additives positively effects the digestion and absorption of nutrients it also contributes to more efficient and economic usage of feed, improving animal productivity and production quality either farming becomes economically feasible.

Feed additives are:

It is very important to supply all animals with proteins needed for their growth and development. It's impossible without the properly balanced high-protein feeding. Adding of the feed additives is optimal for satisfying animals with enough proteins considering the fact that meal, oil cake and grain legume feed are quite expensive for farming.

The protein consists of amino acids presented in feed in various proportions. Lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan are the main types of amino acids necessary for animals.

Putting feeding fat in is to increase the energy value of the food. Mostly, it is present in the diet for pigs.

Feed additives also include dietary antioxidants both natural and synthetic origin. Their main aim is to increase indexes of the immunity, growth and resistance to disease. Besides, antioxidants increase the expiry date of the feed.

Sometimes it is actually to use the flavors. It's justifiable only in cases when fresh feed acquired odors (smoke, oil) and become unattractive for animals after this. Flavors are mostly used for feeding pigs and piglets.

Occasionally microorganisms are developing in feed and they can produce toxins. In this case adsorbents play the main role and neutralize poison and reduce the toxicity level.

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