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The diet for feeding animals and poultry is a fundamental factor affecting the performance and productivity in the livestock sector. Its quality and composition work on the complete development of livestock.

The biological role of minerals, especially micronutrients is a well-known and scientifically based fact. Such microelement as zinc plays a huge role in the development of any organism. It is responsible for the fertilization function, the proper development of an embryo and the ability of reproducing. Animals under its lack cannot carry and birth good offspring. Zinc is responsible for the quality of egg shells, increasing egg production, wound healing, growth rates and many other processes.

In the agriculture sector feed zinc oxide is used as this essential element. It is used as a feed additive, as well as a part of premixes. Zinc oxide is a brown-yellow powder with 75% zinc and free of heavy metals.

Feed zinc oxide by the Agrocapital Ukraine is produced by the ZnKimya (Turkey). It is a high quality product made by a special formulation which allows its perfect using as a separate supplement or adding it to premixes.

Zinc oxide has an impact on enzymatic processes in the animal body such as the nucleic acid exchange and protein synthesis. It is also responsible for the hematogenesis, carbohydrate and energy metabolism.

The Agrocapital Ukraine organizes the delivery of zinc oxide throughout Ukraine and abroad besides its selling. Cooperating with our company you get high quality products at the reasonable price. Choosing us you choose your success!

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